Jan 5, 2018

Keeping it professional

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Hello CASAP forum goers,


This should go without saying, but please keep all of your posts in the forum professional. Do not post anything derogatory, offensive, or demeaning.

Make each post as if your Board of Supervisors, CDFA, CDPR, and the president of the United States was reading this forum. It may even be true.


Thank you everyone, and happy posting,


-CASAP Webmaster, 2017

Jan 15, 2018

This sentiment is reflected in our mission: CASAP is committed to promoting "education, communication, and professionalism among its members"

New Posts
  • Hello Enterprising CASAPers, A note on any personal information, particularly contact info: it is recommended you do NOT post it. Although CASAP members are a trust worthy sort, this forum can be viewed by the public (except for the exams page). ******** It is very common for digital entities to be created that peruse comments and text of websites looking for anything in the format of contact info. If you MUST post any information, at least try to disguise it a little: for example, change - into _ and numbers into text within a phone number, and vice versa for emails. ******** However, it is still highly discouraged to post any personally identifying information beyond your user name and county. Thank you as always, -CASAP Webmaster, 2017
  • Hello Everyone, The forum is a great place to get help with tough license exam questions. However: DO NOT POST ACTUAL QUESTIONS FROM THE LICENSE EXAMS and DO NOT POST ANYTHING THAT COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR THOSE QUESTIONS. Don't think you can just change a number or something either. If CDFA believes we are aiding in cheating for the license exams, then we will have problems. If CDFA sees an individual who posts an exam question, or who answers that question, then they could have their licenses revoked. You can still ask questions in general. Such as: Can someone help me understand the enforcement process for direct marketing violations? is okay. Asking: What is the fine amount for this specific violation, second instance? is not If you post anything that looks like an exam question: first time: post deleted, angry email sent to you. second time: suspension for up to one month from forum. third time: banned from forum. Thank you for keeping the forum a cheating free, CDFA approved, environment -CASAP Webmaster, 2017