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I'm very passionate about developing the future leaders of our profession and to prepare them to take on the many challenges which lie ahead. Overall, I've learned that facing the challenges of our profession is kind of like taking a boat into foggy seas. It requires courage, determination, the willingness to work hard, and a good team to help row. CASAP is a great organization to sow the seeds of tomorrow and I'm glad there are many of you who are here.

Professionally, I started with Orange County as an inspector from 2006 to 2014. Then as a Special Investigator with CDFA DMS from 2014 to 2016. From 2016 to now, I've taken tours as a Supervisor, Deputy Commissioner/Sealer, and Interim Commissioner/Sealer. Now I'm back to my roots as the Deputy Sealer of Orange County. I also hold a BA in Criminal Justice from CSU San Bernardino and a Masters of Public Administration degree from CSU Fullerton.

In my free times you'll find me coaching girls softball, teaching leadership as a Scoutmaster for my local boy scout troop, performing community projects with the Elks Lodge, or purposely getting lost in the Eastern Sierras with just my map & compass searching for new remote places that have salmo trutta. If you know of some good salmo trutta spots, don't hesitate to send me the geo coordinates.

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Anthony Bong
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Anthony Bong Lee

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