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Hello, my name is Rishi Avila, i am a senior agricultural inspector for the County of Sacramento. I have been part of the Ag Commissioner’s system for 15 years, and  currently serve as a CASAP Board Member at Large. I have been a Member at Large for 4 of those years. What i value most and hope to promote more of is professionalism, open communication, and personal growth, while upholding diversity, equity and inclusivity in mind.

I received my Bachelors of Science in Fruit Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. My current role as Senior Agricultural Inspector, include: inspections at Nurseries, inspecting Certified Producers / Farmer’s Markets, ensuring pest-freedom on inbound shipments, conducting export certification inspections, and issuing Apiary Registrations to name a few. Previous duties gave me experience in Pesticide Use Enforcement, Hazards Materials /Waste Compliance, Agricultural Burn Program, and Point-of Sale Inspections. Current projects are specialty markets compliance, Sudden Oak Death, and parcel facility inspections.

I currently hold 9 CDFA license, and wish to attain further licenses in the near future.

I hope to serve our community and extended community this year as your Vice President of the North.

Rishi Avila

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